Free pizza hut coupon scam

free pizza hut coupon scam

has pulled in recent years. There is no free pizza." Instead the button will install malware on your computer. Please dont make it easy for scammers and spammers to pollute Facebook with their money-making campaigns. "When we launched Hut Rewards in 2017, we were committed to bringing the best loyalty program in the pizza category to our customers said Zipporah Allen, vice president of brand marketing and consumer insights at Pizza Hut.S. The pizza arm. Its too late, of course, because youve already helped the scammers spread links to this page by sharing it with your Facebook friends. Link, take advantage of this special Pizza Hut offer! This means its 55th anniversary was actually last year. According to the Federal Trade Commission's blog, a fake email is circulating that is masquerading as a free pizza coupon from Pizza Hut.

free pizza hut coupon scam

A new scam in the name of Pizza Hut is now doing the rounds of inte rnet and if you receive such message then don t fall for. To our valued customers: There is a fraudulent coupon circulating on Facebook claiming to offer a free pizza from Pizza Hut; the posts link. There s nothing worse than when free pizza turns out to be a fa lse promise.

The webpage wants all kinds of contact information, but notably makes no mention of any free pizza. The loyalty program and commitment to technology is important for Pizza Hut, especially considering about half of its delivery and carryout orders are placed digitally and 70 percent of its online sales come from mobile devices. Last year, pizza boxes were transformed into Flick Football fields, with cardboard goal posts and football triangles. Beware of links being spread on Facebook that tom wahls cheeseburger coupon claim you can eat for free at Pizza Hut. My guess is that the scammers earn commission the more people they can get to enter their information. "If they do, and I hope they do, Hut Rewards members will earn free pizza.". See an image of the email below: FTC.

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