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Tool Compartment Boxes See Class 065) 445-80 Tools, Machinist 445-81 Tool Holders (Collets, etc. 670-79 Valves, Semi-Steel 670-80 Valves, Solenoid Control 670-81 Valves, Stainless Steel: Angle, Ball, Check, Gate, Globe, etc. 031-26 Control Systems: Complete (For Automatic Temperature Control) 031-27 Cooling Tower Water Treatment: Non-chemical Ozone, Centrifugal Separators, Magnetic Descaling Equip. 010-57 Foam-in-Place Insulation: Phenolic, Urethane, etc. See 445-45 for Tool Pouches) 445-82 Tool Sets, All Kinds 445-83 Tree and Pole Climbing Equipment 445-85 Trowels and Floats, All Kinds 445-87 Upholstery Tools 445-88 Vises, All Kinds 445-90 Winches, (Not Otherwise Classified) 445-91 Wrenches, All Kinds (Including Sockets) 445-95 Recycled Hand Tools 450-01.

493-97 Recycled Biochemistry, Chemistry, and Environmental Science Equipment and Supplies 495-05 Activity Cages, Mazes, and Other Animal Psychology Equipment 495-07 Agricultural Science Equipment: Diffusive Resistance Meters, Leaf Porometers and Water Potential Measuring Equipment, Seed Counters and Germinators, Soil Sterilizers, etc. 060-42 Filters: Air, Fuel, Oil, Power Steering, Transmission and Water, and PCV Valves 060-45 Fittings (For Copper Tubing) 060-46 Front End Alignment Parts and Accessories (See 075 for Equipment) 060-47 Fuel System: Carburetors and Kits, Fuel Pumps, Tanks and Caps, etc. Meat Substitutes) 393-64 Milk, Evaporated and Condensed 393-65 Milk, Powdered 393-66 Mincemeat 393-67 Nuts, Edible (Incl. (For Insulation) 010-76 Paper Type Insulation Material (Cellulose, etc.) 010-78 Pipe and Tubing Insulation, All Types 010-81 Preformed Insulation, All Types (For Ells, Tees, Valves, etc.) 010-83 Recycled Insulation Materials and Supplies, All Types 010-84 Rubber Insulation 015-06 Addressing Machine Supplies, Metal and Plastic Plate. 545-18 Gin Machinery 545-19 Exploration Equipment (Not Otherwise Classified) 545-20 Filtering Equipment and Machinery 545-21 Grinders and Buffers: Bench, Portable, and Stand 545-22 Heat Treating and Tracing Equipment, Parts and Accessories (Electric) 545-23 Impact Tools, Air Powered (Not Road Building) 545-24 Impact Tools, Electric Powered. 425-59 Posting Stands and Trays 425-60 Posture Chairs (Ergonomic) 425-62 Racks, Metal, Stationary and Mobile 425-64 Recycled Office Furniture (Bookshelves, Chairs, Credenzas, Computer Furniture, Desks, Tables, Hutches, Workstations) 425-65 Recycled Office Furniture (File Cabinets, Storage Cabinets and Lockers, Partitions, Modular Furniture, Racks, Shelving) 425-68 Rotary. 240-49 Flour Sifters, Light Duty 240-56 Glassware, Table 240-63 Kitchen Utensils, Small: Basters, Corers, Ladles, Pastry and Vegetable Brushes, Peelers, Scoops, Tongs, Turners, etc. Environmentally Certified Products 486-91 Stain Remover, Pet, Environmentally Certified Products 486-94 Waste Receptacles and Dust Pans, Environmentally Certified Products 490-06 Barometers and Manometers, Laboratory Type 490-07 Cabinets, Safety, Laboratory 490-08 Calorimeters and Accessories 490-09 Centrifuges, Desk Top and Free Standing 490-14 Cleaners, Ultrasonic 490-15 Colorimeters. 410-66 Recovery and Treatment Room Furniture: Reclining Chairs, etc. (See 615-33 for Desk Accessories) 620-20 Erasers: Pencil Types, etc., (See 785-57 for Blackboard and Dry Erase Types) 620-30 Ink: Drawing, Marking, and Writing 620-40 Ink Eradicators 620-50 Ink Refills (Not Ballpoint Drawing and Writing 620-55 Lumber Marking Crayons 620-60 Pencils, Lead; Pencil Leads; Pencil. 271-76 Premixed Pharmaceutical Solutions 271-78 Recycled Pharmaceutical Sets and Supplies 271-80 Respiratory Therapy Solutions and Sets 271-84 Sets (For IV Pumps Peristaltic, Metering, etc.

630-93 Wall Coverings, Fabric and Plastic; and Accessories (Including Recycled Types) 630-95 Wallpaper, Paste, and Canvas (Including Paper Hanger Tools and Recycled Types) 630-97 Wood Preservative and/or Water-Repellent Finishes 631-03 Additives and Miscellaneous Paint Ingredients: Driers, Fungicides, Latexes, Pigments, Surfactants, etc., Environmentally Certified Products 631-05. 615-39 File Dividers, Labels, Tabs, etc. Dyes) 520-61 Recycled Leather Products 520-62 Saddles and Accessories 520-64 Saddle Trees 520-66 Shanks, Shoe, Steel and Fiber 520-68 Shoe Lasts: Iron, Wood, and Plastic 520-70 Shoe Repair Supplies: Beading, Belting, Cleats, Elastic, Pads, Piping, etc.

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