Latam upgrade coupons

latam upgrade coupons

to dress appropriately and take care of their appearance. These rules have a direct effect on the ISA-tickets that are to be requested. Go to top Back-up tickets KLM local ticket offices will never issue additional or new standby tickets to staff of ZED partners! Required destination (ex- AMS) KL flight number Route details No KLM-traffic rights on stretch: Coupons to be requested Astana (TSE) KL407 AMS-TSE-ALA* -AMS TSE-ALA AMS-TSE, TSE-AMS Aruba (AUA) KL765 AMS-AUA-BON*-AMS AUA-BON AMS-AUA, AUA-AMS Aruba (AUA) KL771/KL773 AMS-BON*-AUA-AMS BON-AUA AMS-AUA, AUA-AMS Bonaire (BON) KL765 AMS-AUA*-BON-AMS AUA-BON. Cabin baggage 1 Piece, with dimensions L55cm x W25cm x H35cm and a maximum weight of 12 kgs. In case of an offload or stranding an ISA-traveler will need to take care of purchasing the required tickets to reach the final destination. KL809/KL810, aMS-KUL*-CGK-KUL*-AMS, aMS-KUL, KUL-CGK, CGK-KUL, KUL-AMS, santiago de Chile SCL). Neat and tidy jeans are accepted. The ISA-traveler always needs to ensure that this ticket is available through purchasing the ticket beforehand. Seat requests Not possible for airline staff traveling on standby. For check-in, please use Self Service Check-In (ssci) machines at airports.

This Web site is not controlled by latam Visa. It is therefore requested that all airline staff are in possession of sufficient back-up tickets to avoid necessity to buy (expensive) commercial tickets. Ensure a printed copy of the e-ticket and listing can be shown during the check-in process. In case of additional baggage, the commercial (excess) baggage policy applies. KL835/KL836, aMS-SIN*-DPS-SIN*-AMS, aMS-SIN, SIN-DPS, DPS-SIN, SIN-AMS, jakarta (CGK). KWI, DMM, ABV, KAN, KRT, EBB, KGL) very strict visa rules apply. KL511, aMS-FNA*-ROB*-AMS, aMS-FNA-ROB-AMS, monrovia (ROB kL511, aMS-FNA*-ROB*-AMS, aMS-FNA-ROB-AMS, on all stations indicated with an offload-risk exists.