General pants co coupon

general pants co coupon

tit Phrs. The name given to an area in Manchester called Rusholme, which has a high density of asian restaurants and food takeaways positioned along its main street. E.g."He's well clued up about the local music scene." clunge Noun. To hurt, to pain. E.g."I've thrown out last night's pizza, it was all crozzled." Yorkshire use crucial Adj.

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general pants co coupon

Very cold, when applied to the weather, or air temperature. 1950s cruising for a bruising Vrb phrs. A Conker (British) is the hard shiny nut of the horse chestnut tree. E.g."I think we should stay in and order a takeaway, it's chucking it down." chuck one's guts up Vrb phrs. Cunt (!) * Noun. 'chocolate fireguard' choice Adj. To breakdown, often of machinery. Cig / ciggy Noun. A rural dweller, a bumpkin, a yokel. E.g."Come on, get your cigarettes out, it's your crash." crash out Verb. E.g."This chap came up to me and told me to shut my mouth." Informal. Jocular and affectionate term of address for a podgy person.

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