Bamboo belly bandit coupon code

bamboo belly bandit coupon code

do wish they would make a small-plus (medium-plus, large-plus etc.) option for those of us who get disproportionately large in the milk-factory area while nursing. Its no secret that Im cheap frugal, and Belly Bandit products are really not inexpensive. Wash by hand in cold water, lay flat to dry. The other two items were purchased by me at normal retail prices. Its supportive without anything uncomfortable digging in, and the straps are adjustable. Unfortunately I cant buy my nursing bras at a local store thanks to the unusual size, so I have to spend a fortune to order them online.

bamboo belly bandit coupon code

I cant believe Im doing this (LOL) but above is a pic of me at 3 weeks postpartum. Wearing the Belly Bandit was instant relief for me since I felt held together instead of having that floppy, jello hey, whered my abs go? The no-roll band comes down low on my hips, so it also serves as a tummy cover if my shirt lifts, which I love. The more I wear it, the bigger difference I see when I take it off. It was about 20 minutes away from me nearly a week before it got to me, then went to another state before it came back here. I was really surprised that once I got it on, I really couldnt even tell I was wearing. Designed to work with your body's natural hormone, Relaxin, the Belly Bandit technology helps accelerate the healing process and get you back to your pre-pregnancy size or smaller. It is a wee bit bulky, but I dont think its terribly noticeable under looser fitting clothes, and I dont know many brand new moms who are wearing tight clothing! My only complaint is that my package shipped via Fed Ex smart post, so it took seemingly forever (about 10 days, which does seem like forever when youre waiting for something!) I really dont understand the whole smart post thing.

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