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trasharoo coupon

an oversize spare. We offer covers to suit every budget and taste in a wide range of sizes, so you can even protect oversize spares. Choose from fabric and vinyl covered fabric in colors or a selection of designs and logos, or for select applications, durable rigid covers of molded hard plastic, that provide a smooth, clean, finished look. If you want to upgrade your carrier or mount the spare in a different spot, youve come to the right place. Some Exclusions Apply: Offer excludes some items. Another solution for carrying an oversize spare or to make more room in the cargo area is to carry the spare up on the roof. We have models for pickups and SUVs that can hold up to a 40 tire, which swings out when access to the bed or tailgate is needed, as well as a model for RVs that has its own 2 receiver for a tow bar. Give your wheels a unique look that will also keep them clean with Wheel Plates. If you have a Jeep or SUV with a tailgate mounted spare, we have several mounting solutions. However, substantially larger wheel and tire combos can not only be too big but also too heavy for the factory mount.

If you have a van and want more room inside for cargo, you can mount the spare on the rear door with one of our heavy-duty, powder coated steel carriers. These bumpers are strong enough to handle the largest and heaviest wheels and tires and typically feature heavy-duty bearings at the pivot for the carrier, which swings out of the way when access to the interior is needed. Using a matching spare is smart because it can be integrated into the tire rotation pattern for longer tire life, and you wont have problems if its mounted on an axle with a locking differential. Whether youre driving around the corner or across the country, venturing off-road or cruising the boulevard, you have to be prepared for hazards, and an essential part of that means having a spare in case of a flat tire. And if you need to add air we have convenient portable air compressors as well as 12-volt compressors that enable tire filling anywhere, so you dont need to search for a gas station air pump when youre on the road.

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Even if you dont run oversize wheels and tires, a bed mounted spare is more easily accessible so you can avoid crawling under appliance factory parts coupon the truck if you get a flat. We have everything to accommodate large spares, from extensions for the OE spare mount to heavy-duty body and bumper mount carriers, as well as carriers for roofs and truck beds. "Aug10" coupon code valid August 1 - August 31, 2018. Prevent theft by installing a set of wheel locks with the lug nuts. To complement your wheels, install them with our lug nuts.