Mud gear discount code

mud gear discount code

are preferable. The extra moisture held by cotton coupled with running or walking will most likely leave you with blisters. Pre- and Post-Race Survival Gear Unless you're Nanook of the North, most athletes hate standing around pre-race in freezing cold temperatures; even worse is waiting around after a race in wet clothes ed sheeran store promo code in the cold, wishing there was somewhere warm close by to change into dry. You can also click here to find permanent obstacle courses OCR training gyms and boxes in North Carolina. If the weather calls for long sleeves, try the Wicking Long-Sleeve Activewear Shirt by Sport Science ( Men's version / Women's version ). Loose-fitting clothes has the opportunity to get snagged on obstacles, grabbed accidentally (or not) by other racers and even obscure your view. If you start doing more of these races, then, it becomes a trickier topic. The Icebug Zeal Zeal2 -These are a good technical shoe for a technical course.

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Duct tape is only applicable if you have an embarrassing hole in your shorts you need to patch, and do NOT belong on your shoes. And, some longer-distance races might actually me em discount code require hydration as well. Medium-length running shorts are a good choice as they dry quickly, are light and most likely won't be down around your ankles when you're scooting under barbed wire. Of course, you know how much water you need, so if you want immediate access to water whenever you ing your own! Anything that looks cool at the beginning of the race will look like a mess at the end of the race. I made the mistake of wearing loose-fitting cargo shorts at one of my first Spartan Race s and ended up in my spandex underwear by mile number three. Check out our review. Hammer Strength Apparel feature Transpor technology the industry's best wicking makes for the best training and racing tops we've ever worn.