Viator washington dc promo code

viator washington dc promo code

when it is 25 minutes). Both regional (Amtrak) trains and suburban commuter (marc) trains connect BWI to Union Station,. The Silver Line makes stops in Tysons Corner, McLean and several other Virginia suburban MetroRail stations before entering into downtown Washington. Marc, mARC is an easy and efficient way to travel between Baltimore and. Additionally, those interested in traveling via SUV ExcuCar will pay 113. The first train departs from BWI at 4:40 am and the first from Union Station departs at 5:50. However, for those already planning to rent a car during their visit to DC, this is an easy way to get to the airport. Cons: Though it is possible to find reasonably priced Amtrak tickets, this is often one of the more expensive ways to travel.

Though the ease of a door-to-door shuttle service is appealing, always consider the time at which you will be traveling as trips taken during rush hour can take well over an hour. Cons: Not the best choice during rush hour. Rates into the district run on a meter, and you should expect to pay between 60 80 for most destinations in and around downtown DC, making this one of the more expensive options. Your Stay, local Area, explore some of the Best Shopping Spots Doral has to offer. Pros: Cheapest mode of travel. There is no longer any weekend service. On Sundays, trains run even more infrequently, with only 6 departures from either BWI or Union Station throughout the day. Pros : Door to door service. Their website has a map estimating fares in the area. Most are shared services, so how long your journey will take will be dependent on the order of passenger destinations. Pros : Gives you freedom for you trip, great if you have young children Cons : Navigation and parking can be difficult and expensive in downtown DC Back to top Layover at Dulles Since Dulles is not as convenient to Washington DC as DCA, youll.